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Males & Females: Topical, Oral, or Injectable Hormones

Our Hormone Optimization Program is a membership program which includes an initial one-time start-up fee followed by a monthly payment which includes all the benefits described below.


Membership Program

Recurring fee for 6 months

$245 / month

  • Initial Kit Screening laboratory exams (saliva)
  • Initial Visit: (Virtual / Video Call)  with our Functional Medicine Doctor (M.D) 
  • Personalized compounded bio-identical hormones ship every 2 months to your doorstep. 
  • Laboratory exams (saliva) at 3 months
  • Ongoing support is provided by our Functional Medicine Doctors (M.D.) via email / text messages during business hours M-F.
  • Exclusive reduced prices for all supplements recommended.

Speak With A Doctor Today!

Unsure about a treatment plan? Schedule an apppointment today with one of our doctors for more information or to answer any questions you might have.