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Are you constantly fighting a never-ending cold, or infection, or diagnosed with a disease where your immune system is overreacting (lupus, diabetes, RA)?

Does this sound like you? You miss out on fun events and always have to cancel work meetings because you can’t function properly and just want to lay in bed. Or maybe you’re battling asthma and allergies more days than you’re not.  If you’re thinking, “yes, this is me,” then your immune system needs support ASAP!

Our program doesn’t just tell you to drink ginger and turmeric shots. We use an integrative approach to get to the underlying reason why your immune system isn’t functioning optimally.

Alterations in the immune system that result in chronic inflammation and autoimmunity have been linked to a wide range of health conditions and diseases. We have a component in blood called Cytokines, which are important mediators of many immune responses, and imbalances in these cytokines have been shown to play key roles on chronic inflammation and autoimmunity.

With a simple blood sample, we’ll be able to assess your systemic immune status.

By knowing your immune system, we will discover the possible predispositions you have so that the right action steps can be activated to get your body functioning optimally! You’ll learn how you can build up your immune resilience with personalized lifestyle, diet, and supplementation changes. 

ALFAGENIX will direct your best treatment based on your blood results and choose between the different options to optimize your immune health. These options include: Low Dose Naltrexone, and or Peptides

Your Immune system doesn’t determine your fate! But a true analysis can give us an insight into how to better support your body to avoid those risk factors.

Are you ready to get your immune system optimized and your immune resilience enhanced?  Fill out our FREE assessment and then schedule your virtual appointment with us to get started.