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What Is AlfaGenix?

Looking for ways to improve overall health can be overwhelming and it is often difficult to figure out where to start. Personal well-being depends on several aspects including hormones, sleep, metabolism, gut, and immune health. What if there was a way to become your healthiest self from the very comfort of your own home? AlfaGenix is the only virtual program that has been designed by a functional doctor in order to prevent diseases and optimize overall health. It is a well-rounded, personalized treatment tailored to each individual’s body and mind. AlfaGenix has many different advantages, the first being that it offers at-home testing which would normally be done at a doctor’s office. Second, supplements and medications are sent directly to the patient’s doorstep. With the programs offered by AlfaGenix comes easy access to doctors at all times, who can constantly track progress and improve treatment as needed without physically having to attend doctor’s appointments! To get started, take our General Evaluation: https://alfagenix.com/general-evaluation-form/