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Step 2


Enroll in the Hormone Optimization Membership

With our transformative 6-month membership for hormone optimization, you receive tailored care in every step; comprehensive initial and follow-up lab tests, virtual consultations with our Functional Medicine Doctors, and continuous support from our Alfagenix coaches through emails and texts. Enjoy the ease of receiving personalized compounded bio-identical hormones at your doorstep every 2 months. Enroll today and begin experiencing increased vitality and a greater sense of joyfulness.

This membership is exclusively accessible to individuals who have successfully completed Step 1.

Hormone Balancing Membership

$195.00 per month for 6 months.

Our Hormone Optimization Program includes:

• Personalized compounded bio-identical hormones ship every 2 months to your doorstep. (Three shipments total)

• It covers up to 2 bio-identical hormones personalized to you

        – Females: progesterone, estrogen, DHEA or pregnenolone 

        – Males: DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone 

• Laboratory exams (saliva re-testing) at 3 months

• Ongoing support is provided by our Functional Medicine Doctors (M.D.) via email/text messages during business hours M-F.

• Ongoing 24/7 support from our Alfagenix coaches

• Exclusive, up to 25% discount for supplements recommended.