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Personalized Online Hormonal &Membership Programs-That is what ALFAGENIX is about.

ALFAGENIX is a comprehensive wellness program which incorporates the latest cutting-edge advancements in medicine to develop a personalized Health Optimization Program (HOP). Your customized HOP is created for you by our team of Integrative Healthcare Providers based on a quick and easy medical evaluation, in the comfort of your own home.

Do you experience any of the following ongoing symptoms?

Lack of


Lack of refreshing sleep

Inability to Lose/maintain weight

Changes in
your bowel movements

Anxiety, depression

Skin, hair, nail changes

program designed by a
Board-Certified Medical
Doctor in Functional and
Internal Medicine
to manage and treat several
aspects of your health in order
to regain your well-being
and achieve better,
long-lasting results.

Discover a complete,
integrative and
personalized approach
to your health.

You are an ALFA, and we want you to feel like that again.

We offer an array of screenings and unique treatment plans, tailor-made for you.
Book your $39.95 consult with a Board-Certified Functional MD.


Your body and mind should be optimized using a comprehensive,
integrative medical approach through a personalized plan.

Our ALFAGENIX team has Functional Integrative Specialists in healthcare:
Doctors, health coaches, nutritionists and more to maximize your
results and cover your needs.

Don’t give up on yourself
and your optimal health.

Be an ALFA again. You deserve the best.

Regain control and reach your optimal health

It all starts with an evaluation

Just choose the program that best describes your symptoms and take our free online Assessments Surveys.

Speak With A Doctor Today!

Unsure about a treatment plan? Schedule an apppointment today with one of our doctors for more information or to answer any questions you might have.